Tuesday, November 27, 2012

"You guys rock!"

Some one shouted that at N and I while we were jogging today!
 It was really awesome!  I thanked them and let them know that made all the difference for us.  We had just been commenting on it being chilly.  I'd also put up quite the fight on going out to run this evening.  Today was Week 3 Day 2 of 5k to 10k.  Three days running in a row, that's big for me.  It's really cool and at the same time, it's kinda sucked.  I've gotten progressively slower, I guess my body is tired. Or my brain.  I'm still building up strength.  

I talked to someone else about FitSwap today and that's exciting.  They liked the idea.  I am starting a program on Saturday that's a course in self expression and leadership.  Inside of the course you take on a project to affect a community that you are a part of (in my case my bloggy peeps and all those in the process of getting healthy.) The the course meets once a week for three months in the evening and then there are 3 work days that are all day on a Saturday.  In the classrooms you learn different skills related to your leadership and self expression and you then use those tools to help forward your project.  This is my 3rd time doing this program.  The first time I participated I did not complete a project (which is totally ok inside of the course) the 2nd time I coached the program and hosted a blood drive at the Hotel Pennsylvania in midtown Manhattan and this time I am coaching again and FitSwap is my project.  What's so cool about being a coach is that you are supporting others while they are creating their own projects, in addition to my own project I get to affect others directly in fully getting their own personal self expression and leadership.  Pretty bad ass, right?  I'm pretty stoked.

Three days down on my 6 day work out week!  YAY!


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