Monday, December 10, 2012


Monday, Monday. The day to get back to it.  
Today I really pulled out all of the stops at work and got everything done that I could.  We were packing & checking orders up to the moment that the UPS guy was there to pick them up.  It was fun.

I got some not so good news at work today which is that my 90 day employment agreement is now null.  Budget balancers have decided that there isn't room for a full timer right now and that I will now be part time.  And if I want to join the store as a permanent staff member (I'm seasonal right now) then I have to be part time permanent and work both days over the weekend.  Bummer.  That's a big fat no.  After my schedule ends which is this Friday then the following week I will start as part time hours until someone permanent is hired.  

Conditions have always been so wishywashy at work.  Guess I don't have to deal with that too much longer.  I can always go back to the temp agency if needed but I don't know if I really want to do that again.  

I had pizza today at lunch when I wasn't satisfied/full by the food I brought.  It was good, but I don't know that it was worth it.  N and I ordered sushi tonight, so I felt ok about that.  

Time to start looking and creating fun new things to get into!


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