Wednesday, December 12, 2012

3 in 21

Got a run in!  It was a late start but good to get the run in at all.  
3.3 miles in 40 minutes!  Ahh!!  Too cool.  

My crazy update for today?  I registered for another 5k. It's next year.  It's January 1st actually.  But Denise, you ask, aren't you running a 5k December 31st?  I am  At 11:15pm.  Then at 11:00am the next morning I will be running my 1st 5k of 2013.  Take that, past!  The run on the 1st is amazing.  It's the Commitment Day run. Check them out.  Register.  Come stay at my place if you need to.  

No better way to start the year then with a 5k to my commitment to my own health and well being.  In the next 21 days I will be running 3 5k events.  And if my distance today is any type of window to my future then I will put on quite a few miles between then and now too.  

Bad ass.


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