Saturday, December 1, 2012

Challenge Complete!

Six days of working out and six days of blogging!
 I worked out earlier this morning since I closed the store this evening.  Even before I completed the work out I was doing a happy dance that I had made it the whole way through!  My six day work out break down: Sunday-Wednesday: Jog, Thursday: Yoga from YouTube and Friday: Insanity Cardio Recovery.  Boom!

Tomorrow I won't be writing as I have a workday for the course I am taking.  There are three work days in the program that are full day Saturdays in addition to the Wednesday evening classrooms.  My food is all prepped, my clothes are all set, my nails are freshly painted in Sally Hanson's "Lava," my binder is set and I am ready to go.

Last thing, I got suckered into one Cyber Monday deal.  A blog that I adore was having a 15% off deal so I just had to bite.  I ordered this great top and a half marathon training plan from No Meat Athlete and it came today!

Yay!  Have a great weekend and see you for weigh in!


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