Tuesday, December 4, 2012

check in

Wanted to check in.  
I did not work out today and I won't be.  Life really came at me today and working out took the hit.  I didn't get home until way later then expected.  I also have a very long day tomorrow that requires a lot of prep so I chose not being totally off for tomorrow and getting to be a bit earlier today.  

I'm still going to be getting to bed later then I wanted to.  Closing one day and opening the next is rough, only so many hours to get done what needs doing and there really is no wiggle room.  I should have worked out this morning and I didn't.  I guess I should get into a sleep schedule that regardless of opening or closing I should be in bed earlier and up earlier at the same time each day so I can always get things done.  

For now, bed.  


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