Sunday, December 2, 2012

Day 264 - Weigh In

162.6 lbs.
-0.6 lbs from last week
-41.7 lbs total loss

Down is down.  I am thinking that since TOM started this week that's why I'm not down more.  I got in six very solid days of exercise in this week.  

Yesterday was a long but amazing day.  I was up for 19 hours and boy was I feeling it at the end.  Our program had a great start and I met some really incredible people up to some really big things.  

The plan for this week is 5 days working out: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday Friday & Saturday.  If I can get in some yoga tonight though that would be great, but my body is definitely enjoying the break today.  

Really great week all around.  Glad to have a plan for this week too.  I will also blog each day except for Wednesday, that night I have classroom for my course and I won't have much time.  

N and I got a Christmas tree today!  I love it!  I love that my apartment smells like Christmas tree.  
Last but not least at all, our cousins in Arizona had their baby late last night! So excited to welcome the newest member of the family!  We are planning a trip out there for next month.  :)


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