Sunday, December 9, 2012

Day 272 - Weigh In

161.8 lbs
-0.8 lbs from last week
-42.5 lbs total loss

Can I get a hell yea!  42.5 lbs total loss?!  What the fuck!?  That blows my mind.  Telling others that I've lost that much always elicits a "whooaaa"from people.  I am really excited and thankful for the loss.  Saphire from Grace Dishes - A Healthy Weight Loss Blog commented on my last post post with something that is so true, she said "...weight-loss has more to do with food intake and exercise is just icing on the cake."  Wow, I had so let that get away from me.  Thank you so much for that!  I have been placing so much on how many days and how many minutes I was working out and not taking into account how my eating has been lately.  I eat really well.  But sometimes I eat a lot.  Yes, when I am eating whole foods eating more is ok, but slowly but surely more processed food has been creeping back into my diet as the weather gets colder and I get busier with work, fitness, my course and working on FitSwap!  Now that I have seen that I can really take control of it again.  I love when things really are as easy as noticing them.

This week is a lot of moving and shaking on FitSwap.  I am really moving forward!  Right now I am in need of a space to hold t, some man power to work the day & get the word out and clothes!  The plan is to hold the first FitSwap January 5th & 6th.  Those that have made a resolution to start working out and getting fit can use this as an opportunity to set them selves up really powerfully.  Those that have already been working at it can be there to support others.  

If you are in the NYC area and think you would be able to come out and help that weekend even for a 2 hour shift that would be great! If not, by the end of the week I will have some FitSwap info, blog and twitter set up to post.  Sharing would be a big help.  

The plan is to work out the kinks by holding one FitSwap a month from now though March and then have it all worked out so as to best pass on the mechanics so people can hold a FitSwap in what ever town/community they are in.

199 days from now is FitBloggin.  I submitted my speaker application this evening.  Holy crap.  That was awesome.

Wow, so yea.  That all happened.  

Let's. do. this.



  1. thanks for the awesome comment
    it has been so long since i have been on here
    but wow 43 pounds that is amazing
    so proud of you
    hardwork and dedication pays off :-)