Sunday, December 23, 2012

Day 285 - Weigh In

162.2 lbs
-1.6 lbs from last week
-40.1 lbs total loss
Color me didn't see that one coming, but I will take it.  I am taking it super easy tonight and have called out of work again for tomorrow as my leg is not better.  Tomorrow we are relaxing all day.  In the evening, N, Alx and I will venture out for a Christmas eve tradition we started last year at a bar in the West Village.  Minimal walking and no drinking for me.  

Saw my family today for our Christmas get together.  Had some pasta and some cookies.  They were so yummy but not I just want veggies.  Gonna working on keeping sugar intake low for this time I'm inactive.  

My Dad ended up in the hospital yesterday after some serious shoulder pains.  He got hooked up with a sling and some pain meds but he's still really hurting.  They checked him out and saw nothing serious but he does need to go for a follow up.  Fingers crossed that he and I both have a speedy recovery.

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