Monday, December 24, 2012

Day 286 - Full day recovery day 3

Let me tell you something, this recovery thing is a slow, extremely worthwhile & necessary but slow process.  
I am a week from the day I believe I injured myself and I am not much father along.  There is still  pain behind my knee and plenty of swelling.  There are moments were I fell good and moments where it's exhausting and strenuous to get up to walk to the bathroom.  Ugh.  

Today there was a light for me, that light was Brooklyn Open Acupuncture.  This was my first time ever doing acupuncture and I really loved it.  The girl who was my acupuncturist was just amazing, she was calm, informative and walked me through the whole thing so well.  I could feel a difference just in the hour that I was there.  I have an appointment to go back on Thursday.  Like physical therapy, acupuncture is a process not a one off type thing though I do imagine that there are certain things I'm sure you could just pop in for.  What I loved most was that the acupuncturist treated my whole body, whole person in addition to focusing on my knee.  Like she took all of me into consideration while treating me, the headaches that I get, where I hold tension in my body, the jaw popping I've had since Sandy struck.  That's so different then my experience with modern/western medicine.  It's normally let's fix this one thing with nothing else taken into consideration.  That and there are lots of prescription pills & procedures involved.  While I do take antibiotics when I need them and have taken heavy duty pain pills after having had 3 kidney stones and ibuprofen when needed I am about healing as naturally as possible.  It may sound like a contradiction but you can take it or leave it.  I think medicine should be a combo of the two.  Things like MRIs, XRays and blood testes to determine & diagnose and then diet, exercise, yoga, meditation, herbs/oils, acupuncture, chiropractics, etc to heal and rebuild.  If and when that does not make the difference then and only then should you move on to pills and procedures.  /rant.

Tonight N and I are watching Nightmare Before Christmas, an all time favorite movie of mine.  We got it in BluRay and it's just stunning.  I have my knee up with some ice, some crocheting and singing my face off to a movie I ::adore::  A good Christmas Even in my book.


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