Friday, December 28, 2012

Day 291 - 2nd day back at work

Welcome to way to late o'clock.  
I should so be in bed but I am not, so there.  Ok.  Let's make this post count.

Acupuncture!  First thing in the morning today I had a great session with R over at Brooklyn Open Acupuncture.  She was really great!  She offered to write me a note for work since they don't let me sit. She was like "I'll write one if you think they'd take a note from an acupuncturist."  Love.  I will pick that up before I head to work tomorrow.  It is always worth a shot.  I did manage to really doze off this time while I was being treated.  Being tired helped.  

Work was ok.  My knee is going in and out of liking being used.  It gets sore in a few different ways: sensative to the touch, pain under the knee cap and pain/tightness above my knee.  The thing that it does that bother me the most is how much popping it does when I walk/move around.  No one can hear it but me but the sound is just gross.  I learned that it may be from the muscles that are attached to my knee cap aren't equally as strong as one another so they pull differently.  Cool.

N was so freaking awesome today and did laundry with out me while I was at work so all I had to do was fold and put away my stuff.  So awesome.  It got me in a cleaning kick so I cleaned the bathroom before hopping in the shower.  The only other productive thing that came out of that was scheduling.  I sat down with all the crap I need to get done, all the stuff I was thinking of doing and all the stuff I knew I had to do but hadn't written down yet and got that all into my Google Calendar.  The only thing not scheduled is my nail appointment because their scheduling site is down so I will check back with them or call tomorrow.  

Tomorrow I will start to flesh out my workout/recovery plan and get ready to go to PA to see my dad!

OK.  Bed time like whoa.  I have a call tomorrow at 9am for my class.  Better get those zzzzz's.  

xoxo lovelies


  1. Late o' that! Good luck with giving them a note. I really hope you get to sit at least for some of the time. I'm sure it will help your knee! Well I'm off to bed also. See u in the morning at work :-)

  2. hope ur knees gets better soon