Saturday, December 29, 2012

Day 292 - 3rd day back at work

     I have to say I was relatively pain free today and it was great.  
Work was so hectic, it was like running a marathon behind the register.  Everyone was just all over the place.  I got a little sore by the end of my shift, right around 8pm.  I've iced it a bit tonight and am going to go to acupuncture again tomorrow though I may have them start focusing on my back now that my knee is healing up well.

     Tonight after work my gf, J, and I went to get our nails done out at the place I went like 2 weeks ago with the living social deal from Mo.  Not only was the place as amazing (if not more so) then the 1st time I was there, J had a great time and we may have her baby shower there!  They have a super super cute lounge downstairs that would be just perfect.  I'm going to call tomorrow to get the pricing.

     The plan for tomorrow is acupuncture, packet pick up for the Commitment Day Run (walk in my case) and a good long walk to get me back into the groove of moving.  I need to start building myself back up.  I had a quick chat via FB comment with my sister who's hubs is a cross country coach and has completed the iron man at least twice. She said he has great tips for barefoot training to strengthen the muscles in foot and leg.  I'll take it!  That'll be so cool.  Which reminds me I still really want to read Born to Run.  

     Ok, another late night in the book.  I think it's time to turn in and give this incredible, healthy and well loved body of mine some much needed rest.  


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