Friday, January 25, 2013

318: Friday

Happy Friday folks!
 Before the snow kicked in today I got my butt in gear and got to the gym!  I am really digging belonging to a gym, I just which it was closer.  

Anywho, I started with 30 minutes on the elliptical then went into the weight room again.  I did the same things that I had before.  Most of the work was harder this time around but I pushed thought.  The only thing I wasn't able to do again was the one where you hold yourself up and lift your legs.  My arms couldn't hold me up.

After my work in the weight room I moved into the smaller of the 2 studios in the gym and I did some stretching and had Mo [over the phone] walk me through a sun salutation. It was a nice time.  I managed to get home just as the snow was starting.  

Here is a shot I snapped in my locker room before I headed in for my work out.  

Also I wasn't sure If I had shared this product with you yet that I **LOVE**

[Click the photo to visit their website]

     This coconut water is out of this freaking world.  I was really not a fan of coconut water at all even though I'd been told by so many it was so good for me.  One of the other coaches in my SELP program  recommended it to me, that she has one after every work out.  It is so incredibly tasty.  There is nothing in it but coconut water.  N thinks it tastes like ice cream.  

     Speaking of my SELP I am ready to roll out my new project!  You can check it out here :  I hope you'll join me!  The site is still under construction, so bear with me.  Enjoy! 


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