Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Advice from my vegan hero, Jamila

     As promised here is the advice that Jamila offered up on my Vegan Monday.  All the info was too good to keep to myself so I've included it here.  The only changes that I have made are that I put [brackets] around what I did eat so then you have an idea of what she is commenting on. 

Great work on your vegan day - woo hoo! You did really well but I do want to throw out a few suggestions. Maybe you could add a little more protein to your meals. You could also try eating certain things for lunch instead of dinner. Here are some examples :

Breakfast - [Oatmeal w / berries.] Maybe adding a teaspoon of Buckwheat or Hemp protein to your oatmeal. Also you could tofu scramble with veggies. You could also put it in a wrap for a vegan breakfast burrito.

Snack - nuts or a Vegan protein bar. There are a lot in the health food store and they do not have crappy chemicals in them.

Lunch - [a salad, lentil soup, carrot sticks and blueberries.] Maybe you could swap the blueberries w/ hummus or have carrot sticks with more nuts or maybe dipping them in cashew butter.

Dinner - [rice and veggies with sweet sesame seaweed.] If you are going to have rice for dinner you have to add a protein. !!! If you are not up for having protein than skip the rice and have a salad w / veggies & seaweed.
All of your choices were great but too heavy on carbs. I have noticed when I first started eating heavy carbs as a vegan I would get very bloated & tired. The more vegan protein I added left me full and my stomach so flat.
Protein options
- Tofu, Beans, Quinoa, Tempeh & spinach.
     Well did I ever learn my lesson.  I can totally feel all the carbs that I had on Monday and yesterday too.  That totally explains how crappy I felt last night.  I have been having oatmeal in the morning to try and cut down on how many eggs I have.  I have been really staying away from carbs since March and all of a sudden I reintroduced carbs and a bunch of fiber to my diet in 2 days.  Welcome to some serious bloat and discomfort.  I did a bunch of reading on reducing bloat and from what I've gathered the best I can do is drink more water of the next few days, be sure to stay active and to make sure that I consume smaller amounts of both carbs and fiber in the future and build up so that my body has time to process and get used to it. 

     If you have any questions about being vegan, let me know and I will run them by Jamila she is a pro.  It was a super fun way to change up my diet as a one day a week thing and I am really looking forward to next Monday!  Also let me know if you are interested in trying vegan one day a week with me, it would be cool to have a buddy!



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