Sunday, January 6, 2013

Day 299 - back to nyc

I forgot to say before that my weigh in will be tomorrow [Monday] since I wasn't at home to do so today.
 I had another great day in PA hanging out with my Dad.  We didn't do must, just hung out and chatted like always.  

We stopped at Bryn and Dane's twice today.  Once to see if they had a sweatshirt in a medium [they did not :( ] and then later on in the day to grab some dinner and a smoothie for the ride back to NYC.  N go the Mo Green Smoothie [kale, wheatgrass, pineapple & mango] and I got a wrap and a Dark Lucy [raspberry, strawberry and dark chocolate.]  I was enjoying my smoothie on the way to the train station when I noticed that my eyes were itchy and watery.  So I rubbed them.  Then a minute or two later my chin began to itch and my stomach started to feel full.  Hm.  WTF.  I did some Googleing.  The verdict?  Raspberry allergy.  The descriptions were what I was experiencing to a T.  The rest of my ride back was rather uncomfortable.  I curled up on the seat and laid down on N's lap so I could try to relax and it did help.  Once I got clear that I would be itchy and uncomfortable until i either a] got some benedryl or b] it was all out of my system it was much easier to deal with.  

This is me making a frowny face showing off the redness and bumps on my face.  :(
It's close to 6 hours later and I am still a bit itchy but my throat and stomach feel totally better.

In other news I got some awesome clothes at target today!  2 pairs of pants and a top.  I will post pictures of those when I wear them, this Wednesday through Sunday.

As well as being weigh in tomorrow, it will also be my vegan day! My plan is to make sure that I drink plenty of water and to make sure that I have lots of of snack fruits and veggies [just not raspberries.]

Before I go I want to give a shout out to my gf H.  H is married to N's best friend and her and I became good friends.  Recently she has taken on her life and her health and joined us in the blog world.  If you have a minute take a moment and hop over, check her out and show some love - Heather's Resolve.


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