Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Day 308

I made it back to the gym today!  It was really great!  I got in another 30 minutes in on the elliptical.

Remembered to get a shot of the elliptical before all
the info goes away at the end of the cool down.

I had some episodes of Big Bang Theory on my phone that I wanted to watch during my work out.  I managed to get through one episode only since it kept pausing and buffering.  Either way it was cool to have that as a fun distraction.  

After my cool down I did a few minutes pedaling backwards.  It may sound silly but you use your muscles differently when moving backwards.  It felt good but I didn't keep it up for too long, kinda felt like I might go over backwards.

From there I went into the two weight rooms and did a little weight training.  In the first room I used a 2kg (~4.4lbs) medicine ball and did some lifting and stretching.  In the 2nd room I used regular dumbbells (which I didn't catch the weight on, but it wasn't heavy) and did some more lifting in various ways.  I can already feel that in my shoulders.  

I did not head back out in the evening for the Pilates class.  I made my excuses (laundry) but having already worked out today I was ok with it.  

Lastly, I had an awesome adventure making dinner with a spaghetti squash which you can read all about in my other post from today.  Really fun and even more yummy.  N and I are both happy to have the leftovers for lunch tomorrow!



  1. Hi! I love the elliptical trainer (Uk:crosstraienr) and i do exactly the same...i watch episodes of things on my phone... it's great if you have a half an hour programme as that way you are concentrating on the show rather than the time! is that 4k of 4 miles in distance???
    Keep up the hard work!


    1. I'm actually not clear about the distance on the elliptical. I asked at the desk of the gym and they said miles, but it doesn't seem right.

  2. BAZINGA! I love Big Bang Theory.

    Great job with your workout !