Sunday, January 6, 2013

PA for the weekend

N and I took the trip out to PA to stay with my Dad and his gf this weekend. The train ride was nice and easy. We spent some time visiting with family and it was really cool. We went to a family party for a three year old and that was so awesome. Mostly because of the three year old. He was too cute and instantly my best friend. We played and chased and chatted and tickled and laughed.

The hard part about the party was the food. Luckily we'd eaten before we went at Bryn and Danes ( which is my favorite place to eat out here. At the party I hosed the better part of a veggie tray on my own. I had one piece of a gram cracker covered in sugar and chocolate chip, lol. Anyway, the thing I wanted to share a picture of all the snacks that were there that I didn't eat! Though the bigger accomplishment for me was not eating the ziti, that shit is my kryptonite.

With a bunch of support and pushing from N I also manage to make my FuelPoint goal for the day. We took a walk around my Dad's hood, I did some sit ups and shook around a lot to make my points. Totally counts!!


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  1. I giggled when you said you shook around. It reminds me of when I'm walking down a grocery aisle in the market and a song I zumba to comes on and without knowing it I'm "shaking" my way down the aisle... I'm sure I look ridiculous. Good job on the low cal intake and NO ZITI!!