Tuesday, January 1, 2013

the 1st of

Felt kind of like a Tuesday to me ;) I'm glad for that.  

This morning was pretty rough for me.  My knee is back to square one except no pain (thank god.)  I did not go to the Commitment Day Run and I still feel like a looser for it.  I know I did the right thing. I am still hobbling and I would be so much worse if I'd gone.  I spent some trim crying over being hurt, over not being better/stronger.  I have been 2nd guessing my choice to not see a conventional doc though I am sticking with it for the moment.

Also yesterday I was told that next Friday would be my last day at work.  Now I knew that this was coming, this wasn't totally out of no where. I had just hoped that I would make it to the end of January as the original agreement was 3 months.  I have been applying for for and starting to put the word out to my old theater contacts and day work people.  If nothing bites I will get back with the temp agency.  

I hope you all had a happy & safe New Years!



  1. its not your fault u got hurt please sweetie dont beat yourself up about it
    you will get where u want to be in life soon it will get better <3
    happy new year

  2. I'm sorry to hear about work. :-(

    1. Thank's Kelly. Such is life. Time to look for something new and exciting!