Thursday, January 3, 2013

this and that

As I logged into blogger today I caught a view of my counter.
 I am just a few hits away from 10,000 views.  Like 7 hits away.  I remember when I started this thing I went BANANAS when it almost hit 50! Wow.  Nuts-o how things change.

I don't really have anything to stay.  I still haven't created a plan for what I am going to do workout wise.  I do know that diet wise I am going to take on being totally vegan for one day.  Monday will be my vegan day.  I'm excited for it and need to do some serious prepping for it, but I think it will be a fun way to change things up a bit.  My other goal is to try Pilates.  Right now I am operating on a Wednesday to Wednesday week since that is when my class happens and part of the class is creating/filling in a "Weekly Action Plan." Super cool, right?  Any who, this week I be doing the above two things as well as some more work on FitSwap!

If you are out there reading this and think FitSwap sounds awesome and you'd like to help, please email me and we can talk about it!.  I need all kinds of stuff: old clothes you don't want & don't fit in anymore, a space to hold the swap, some people to help run the swap, a logo design, a FitSwap blog buddy, etc the list does go on and on.  If you are interested in helping out, shoot me a message at

Hope you are all well.



  1. OMG! I am a vegan and I LOVE pilates. Will you be doing the machine or a mat based workout? Yippee on starting one day a week as a vegan. We should talk :-)

  2. How is everything going with FitSwap?! Cant wait to see how it develops! xx