Monday, January 7, 2013

Weigh In - Day 300

161.2 lbs
+1.8 lbs from last week
43.1 lbs total loss

Back to the yo yo.  No worries though.  I know what's up.  I had actually anticipated putting on more weight.

Today I get back to working out and I do believe that is going to make the difference.  This evening I'll be trying out at beginners pilates video.  I was going to check out a class but they were running between $20 and $30.  No thank you. 

I cannot remember if I said before but Mo got me a LivingSocial deal that is a one month unlimited membership to to a Gold's Gym near me in Brooklyn.  I am really excited for it but was thinking that I may not start it until next week when I am unemployed.  The gym is in a really convenient location that will serve to get me out of the house once a day so I don't go batty. 

Speaking of being unemployed, I have tentatively booked some work with my old boss.  I'll be doing some officy things while she is out of town.  I also have a resume in with a recruiter and will be calling up my temp agency to let them know to put me back on the books when I get back from Arizona. 

Oh!  Yesterday I did 50 sit ups.  I broke them up through out the day and I can really feel it today.  I plan to get in 50 more today.  They are worth between like 1 1/3 and 1 ½ FuelPoints a piece so it is a good way to add some points on.

I may post again after I give Pilates a whirl.  xo


  1. Good luck with the pilates... all about getting the extra points in for more food allowence!!! lol! x