Thursday, January 24, 2013

yesterday at the gym

Sorry I didn't post yesterday, but I did have a great day!  
Yesterday I stepped out of my comfort zone and did some weight training at the gym.  While I was on the elliptical I saw this there woman being lead around the weight room by one of the trainers.  He showed her a few of the machines in my eye line and also some work on the mat with a Pilates ring.   After about 20 minutes on the elliptical I finally worked up the strength to go try out some stuff myself!

First I tried out this crazy thing where you hold yourself up by your arms at a 90 degree angel and lift your legs to work your lower abs.  Added benefit: my back cracked when I hoisted myself up and let my legs hang, it was awesome.

This one was intimidating to look at but wasn't so  bad once I sat down and gave it a try. 

Wow!  Working the back of my arms like whoa!

Boy am I feeling this one today!

That's my update on that!  When I head back to the gym today I'll try to do some of the same work I did yesterday and maybe also some ab stuff.  


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  1. Yay for trying new things!!!