Thursday, February 7, 2013


No nothing to report today.  
Still wanted to check in though, make sure I get back into the habit of posting regularly.  PT in the morning tomorrow, 10:30 am and Turk will beat the snot out of my knee & whip that sucker back into shape.  I hear there is a nor'easter headed this way.  Bummer.  Better get in some grocery shopping tomorrow to be safe.  Hope you are all well.

This evening N, DVW and I went to see a play at 59E59 Theater.  We saw David Ives' 'All in the Timing.'  It is a fast pased super fun show and the cast was strong and on the money.  A 7:00 curtain and a running time of 1:45 including intermission had us out and home in no time! Thank you to my MIL and FIL in for the tickets for my birthday!


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