Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Day 329 - Physical Therapy Day 2

     Started off another day with physical therapy.  Dr. Turk is happy with how well I'm doing.
 We did some more extension exercises, some icing and heating the area as well as some treatment from the TENS.  Dr. Turk is really teaching me a lot about the anatomy of my knee and whole leg and it's so helpful, it makes the recover process so much better knowing exactly what it is that we are after.  

     Before hitting the gym today I went over to the Supper Runner Shop on Court St. and picked up a pair of minimalist running shoes!  Eeep!  Ever since I first got the real concept of minimalist or barefoot running I was super intrigued.  It makes so much sense.  Human weren't born with big cushy bottomed feet and we ran for thousands of years with out cushy things attached to them so what gives?  I'm currently part way though Born to Run by Christopher McDougall and I am already sold on minimalist running.  I also think that I am at a really great advantage.  As I am retraining my body and strengthening muscles that I am not used to using I can do so in my new minimalist shoes.  I also really need to set up a day to go to jersey to visit my bro-in-law who is a track coach and does barefoot drill with his runners.  K or E if you are reading this let's set this up!  

     At the gym I did 32 minutes on the treadmill.  Backwards.  Reading a book. In minimalist shoes.  It was pretty incredible.  It took a couple of minutes to get situated and to figure out what speed would be correct but it was really great.  It was super hard, I really had to concentrate and focus.  I got a lot of confused looks from people, but mostly just friendly smiles.  Oh!  Mo, being the awesome person that she is, found me another 1 month gym membership and this one is to a much fancier gym.  They have a pool!  I need to get myself a good cheap swimsuit, some benedryl and really awesome lotion and swim my tush off.  I swam in high school, my sophomore year, and I *LOVED* it. My only problem was that 3 hours a day in the pool did not mix well with my skin.  A benedryl and some thick lotion usually did the trick though.  Oh crap, I'll need goggles too, gotta write that down.  

     DVW came over today and we watched more Sherlock, he only has one episode to go before he's all caught up.  We had lunch [veggie burgers] and then he had a little dinner with N and I [spaghetti squash with tomato sauce and chick'n.] A good day over all.  

     I guess my biggest news for today is that I got a job!  I interviewed last week and hadn't heard back so I had just sort of written it off.  Well today they called and offered me a position.  It is part time, but the pay is pretty great.  From what I understand, everyone starts part time and then you can move into full time.  In true my blog fashion I will not be calling them directly what they are I will give them a nickname.  I haven't thought of what that is yet but let's for now just refer to it as my new iJob.  ;)


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