Sunday, February 10, 2013

Day 335 - Weigh In

157 lbs
-2.4 lbs from last week
-47.3 lbs total loss

That's my lowest weight to date.  Damn.  Forty-seven pounds.  Wow.  I have a mini goal in mind.  March 13 marks one year since I starting working out.  My goal is to be at least 50 lbs. down by then.  That would be an awesome way to put a bow on this year.  

I went shopping today and was totally overwhelmed by shopping in regular stores.  I went to Gap, Old Navy and H&M.  I mean, it's really a lot of work when you can kind of pick from anything.  In H&M I fit into their 12s-14s and Ms-XLs.  Pretty much same goes for the other stores.  I think my biggest problem was knowing that I couldn't really spend much.  I found some great stuff at Old Navy but nothing I really wanted to commit too.  I got one top at H&M for $5 so it wasn't a total loss.

This evening I got in some crunches on my now re-inflated stability ball.  I tried out some others that were super hard, I think it may need to be inflated more to give more stability.  

What I really noticed today was how thin I really look.  I have this adorable jacket I got at the Lululemon sale that really shows it off.  Only recently have I been able to see how much my body has changed.  Looking at myself everyday I really don't see it the way that others do.  As I was trying on medium button down shirts at Old Navy I was really stunned to see the progress.  

Well, my weekend has been pretty freaking awesome.  Star Wars and Harry Potter, video games and shopping.  Life is good.


  1. Congratulations! Only 3 lbs to go to 50 lbs.

  2. Congratulations on the loss! Being able to fit into clothes at stores without feeling anxiety was one of my biggest motivators.

    Good luck with your goal of 50 lbs! Have a wonderful week.