Tuesday, February 12, 2013

day 336

Woops!  Missed yesterday!  
Yesterday was a busy day, but a lot was accomplished.  The biggest being that N, Alx and I booked our trip to ICELAND!  AHHHHH!!!  Holy crap I am so excited!  We're going from August 9th to the 18th.  We'll get in close to midnight on the 10th so the 9th is really just a travel day. Same for the 18th, we'll leave really early and be back at JFK around noon.  EEEEEP!!!  Cannot wait!

Now is the fun part, we start to get to plan the rest of the trip.  Pick out where we want to be when.  The plan is to see the whole country, which can easily be done in a week.  YAY!!

I got an email early this morning before I left the house that Turk is sick, so my PT is canceled.  Bummer.  I'll call in a bit to reschedule.  

The rest of my day is packed so I'm off

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