Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Day 344

I don't remember if I said or not yesterday, but I did 100 sit-ups and crunches.
 Today I was surprisingly not that sore.  That is until I got back on my stability ball to do it again today.  Oh holy hell was I sore.  I really get now how the stability ball works in this circumstance.  I gritted my teeth and did 100 more.  Woo!

I went back to the gym today but didn't feel like I had as good of an experience.  I got there after 5, went thought the whole sign up and walk through process and didn't get to start my work out until it was almost 6.  Place was packed.  I know that's how it works but it wasn't like that at Gold's.  I did like 10 minutes on the elliptical and bailed because I didn't like the way it felt to be packed in like a sardine against other people.  I also tried out the upper body ergometer, it's like bike pedals for your arms.  I only did that for 15 minutes.  Tomorrow I will be going back more in the middle of the day.  I have PT tomorrow at 11 so after that I'll come home and get some lunch then head out to the gym.  Hopefully it'll be quieter and I'll feel more comfortable.  

N and I worked together tonight at made an incredible salad for dinner.  Trader Joe's has some fish that's already seasoned but not cooked yet so we grabbed the southwest seasoned salmon.  We mixed 2 bags of salad greens, corn, tomatoes and chopped onion into the big bowl and N squeezed the juice from 2 limes over it all and we cracked some garlic salt over it all.  I cooked up the salmon as is and added just a little more lemon juice.  It was really tasty, we both inhaled it.  

Today I put everything in place to have a doctors appointment for my one year mark.  I called my doctor's office and scheduled an appointment for March 12th and am having them send me a copy of the blood work that I need done.  I also booked the day I'll get my blood drawn so that all my tests will be in and ready for the 12th.  I'm really interested to see where I will be a year later.  I'm 46 lbs less then I was then and I can only hope that has had all the positive impact on the rest of my health that I hope it has.  

I feel good about the work that I have done so far this week and I still have quite a few days to go.  


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  1. Well done on the work out - no pain no gain! hope all goes well at the doctors!