Saturday, February 23, 2013

Friday 2.22

Today (well, Friday really) I was a woman consumed. Consumed by a book I really didn't ever want to put down. The Fault in Our Stars by Joh Green. I know John Green from his work on Crash Course on YouTube. I had no idea he was also capable of writing that way. I don't even know how to explain in other then a roller coster always going up. I cried for hours. Quietly and to myself and sobbed outright. I laughed and smiled and fell on love. I haven't read a book like that in I cannot even tell you how long.

Today was a rough day for me other wise. I was busy, my food intake was horrible. I sort of skipped breakfast, ate way too much lunch, had a dessert I know I should have skipped and ate dinner even though I wasn't hungry.

PT broke up my day. PT is always a pleasure, though it can be hard and really hurt I really get to feel like I have accomplished something.

The rest of my day was spent either reading or thinking about reading The Fault in Our Stars.

I have a huge long day tomorrow and need to get to sleep like 4 hours ago.


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