Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday in from Nemo

Started out the day with some physical therapy action.  
Turk didn't beat me up sp much today.  Today we focused more on my exercises/strengthening and my Jedi training.  A little TENS machine and I was on my way to the gym.  

I got there just as the weather was starting to happen.  I did 30 minutes backwards on the treadmill again.   I had every intention of getting some weight room time in but it was PACKED.  My knee is pretty swollen now and the pain is still there but it's getting there.  The worst is sitting crosslegged which is awful, that's how I always sit so I'm doing a lot of readjusting.  

There is snow here but noting to serious.  N and I decied to stay in tonight and just relax.  NYS is already in a state of emergency so I don't know that I'll get to the Harry Potter Exhibit this weekend.  Though, since Turk brought it up, N and I will probably be doing a Star Wars marathon this weekend starting with breakfast in bed and A New Hope.  Life is grand.  

Happy Weekend Friends!


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