Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Monday the 18th

Woo!  What a full day, it was awesome!
 Like I said, yesterday I headed to in Jersey with Mo so that today we could do some belated birthday handing out.  In the morning we headed straight out our favorite consignment shop and I go some really great stuff.  I got a few tops, sweaters, pair of heels and a pair of slacks.  The pair of slacks that I got are Ann Taylor, still with the orginal tags on them.  The original price?  $128.  I paid $7.  Holy crap!  Such a find!  They will need to be hemmed, but that's totally no big deal.  The other awesome thing?  All the pants I tried on today were size 10 and they all fit!  AHHH!  11 months ago I was an 18!!  AHHH!!!

So freaking awesome.

After the consignment store we headed to this place called Whole Earth, a really great market where we had lunch.  It's a favorite spot of Mo's and rightly so.  The food was really great.  We also picked up some cool bars and I got coconut flour to bake with.

This evening I got in a workout at a different gym.  As a birthday gift Mo got me a Living Social deal for one month at New York Sports Club.  It's a really nice facility and tomorrow when it's earlier in the day and not 40 minutes before they close, I should get a full tour of the place.  I go in 30 minutes on a treadmill.  Turk said he wanted me to give forward locomotion a shot so I did.  I did 15 minutes of walking and jogging, 10 minutes of walking backwards and then 5 more minutes of walking.  My knee feels pretty ok.  A little sore on the back, maybe not sore, maybe tight?  I don't know how to explain it. I can feel that it's there.  Does that make sense?  Just the itty bittiest of swelling.  Icing should take care of that.  Also when I got home and N was watching something I did a series of 100 mixed sit ups and crunches.  It felt good, we'll see what tomorrow has to say about that.

I just plugged in my FuelBand to charge it.  4713 points today!  My goal for the day is 2800.  I got an achievement for passing my goal by 50%!!  Very cool.  I like achievements.  

Super cool.

Love you guys!


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