Sunday, February 10, 2013

saturday is great

What a great lazy day!  
N and I slept in, watched A New Hope and lounged around the house.  At 5 we went to Harry Potter the Exhibition in the Times Square Discovery Center.  

O M G.  It was better then I could have hoped.  They only thing that would have made it better was if we could have taken pictures.  Dude, I got sorted by the Sorting Hat.  Into Gryffindor.  Duh.  After that they dimmed the lights just a bit and a wall pulled away, it was snowing, the Hogwarts Express was there.  I was so emotional, I kinda cried.  For just one second, one split second, it was like it was all real.  Inside there was tons of great stuff from all of the movies.  Too much to say.  I highly suggest checking it out.

We went to dinner at Building on Bond, right around the corner from here.  Came home and watched Empire Strikes Back.  I worked out during the movie, did sit ups and crunches, all of my PT exercises, some plank (52 seconds,) shadow boxing and downward facing dog to check my form.  My back still curves a bit too much.  After the movie N and I played this new game we just go on Xbox Live called The Cave.  Awesome puzzle game.  Now it's 2am and time for bed!  Yay!   Great Saturday! 

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