Thursday, February 7, 2013

They say it's your birthday!

     Well, it's my birthday too!  
That's right Feb 6th is my birthday!  I'm 29.  Amazing.  I cannot believe I'm 29, I don't feel like it.  Thought I don't know what it means to feel an age.  Anywho.  It's been a good day.  One of the things I love most about my birthday is this tradition in my family where those who remember when the birthday person was born say things like "29 years ago today..." then fill in the rest. I love it. Mo usually starts a few days before my birthday, she remembers it so well.  Then my dad and my aunts and uncles and my grandfather chip in. My 2 fave stories are about my mom washing the washing machine the night before I was born and about my Grandpa getting the call that I'd been born from my dad and he was like "S [my dad's name]? S who? It's a girl?  What?" because I wasn't supposed to be born for another month.  lol.  Love that.

I got a calls and voicemails and Facebook posts and messages and cards and it's really great but N, N got me the best thing...

When I came home from class tonight there was a note sticking out of my mailbox that said "Hey! Open me!" inside was a note and a "weapon:"

As I entered my building there was a ballon with a mask taped on it and little sticky that said "+10 XP" I popped it and took my XP.  Once at my door there was an upside down yellow handprint on the door [and inside joke] 

When I opened the door which was unlocked, N was inside blindfolded and hog tied with scarves on the living room floor with two ninja ballons guarding him.  I quickly popped the balloons and untied my husband.  N said that there were more ninjas on the roof and to quick run up.  Once at the top of the stairs I heard some mumbled talking... the voice said "Stop right there! Don't open that door!  I am Shen Yoo, leader of the Yellow 5  Ninja Clan!  You're too late!  I have a bomb here set to go off in 2 minutes and I'm leaving behind my 3 best warriors to guard it.  I would say farewell, but I won't be seeing you again!  AHhahahahahaha! *poof*" then a bomb began to tick away.  I popped two of the balloons and was super freaked out by the "bomb" [a cardboard box with a bomb mechanism printed on paper and taped to the top.  

N had joined me by this point and let me know I could diffuse it by tearing off the paper, which I did.  

Inside was a scroll:

Below the scroll was 100 more XP and a certificate:

My life is amazing.  My husband is incredible.  I am so excited to be 29, be close to 50lbs lighter then I was a year ago and have so many brilliant people in my life that make everything an adventure. Thank you all so much for being a part of this.  I love you!

the level 29 birthday girl

N & one of his co-conspirators to my birthday adventure

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  1. Huge huge happy Birthday! Glad you had a great day! xxxx