Thursday, February 21, 2013

Wednesday, 345.

Started my day out with good old Physical Therapy with the stylings and humor of Dr. Turk.
 Let me tell you, having him as my physical therapist has made a really big difference.  I don't feel self conscience, I know the doc so I feel like I can be honest, ask a million questions and he'll really take care of me.  For example, it's super cool today that when I was getting ready to work out, I popped in a Biggest Loser vid began the warm up and there were lunges.  I remembered that there were tons of lunges in this video, including some jumpy ones and some squats later on.  I did one lunge and it didn't feel so hott so I immediately paused the video, sat my bum down and texted Turk to she if they were ok to do.  Big no on that one.  I think that if it had been anyone else I may have tried more, felt the pain and decided to quit and then waited until the next visit or call and leave a message with the office hoping they would get back to me soon.  It may not seem like much, but yea, it's really helping this whole process.  Turk says I continue to progress well.  Baller.

When my original work out ideas were thwarted I had to come up with a new plan.  I googled some stuff about back of leg work outs.  Hamstrings, glutes, calves.  Wasn't I shocked when all I really came up with was all the stuff Turk has me doing for PT.  So I did 5 reps of 10 on each leg of everything I'd learned.  I did a bunch of the hip raise things I've been working on, did a few with just one leg.  That's the hard one on my left leg.  That and the new hip extension thing I just started today in PT.  Boy was i tired and sore after that.  To break in up I did 50 of the situps/crunches I'll need to make 100 for the day.  I also did some seated forward bends that Mo worked with me on this weekend.  She helped me so that I was back to being able to touch my toes.  So awesome.  Thanks Mo!  Oh I also did a few downward dogs and what ever the opposite of that is.  Cobra?  

I didn't do anything else as my left leg was pretty tired after a PT session and working out.  Tomorrow I'll head back to the gym for some treadmill or elliptical action and some weight/upper body stuff.  

Did laundry today.  It was good to get everything washed (old and new stuff) so now it kind of looks like I have some clothes again.  I hung some things I don't usually so my closet looks more full, lol.  I'm really happy with the new clothing I have been getting, it really feels like I can get things I really like now versus when clothing choices were base on what didn't make me look like I had a burlap sack on.  My body image has improved greatly.  I don't mind the sight of myself without clothes on so much as I did before.  I love throwing things on and they just look nice because im not squeezing into things or feeling awkward.  I'm in a 10 now.  A freaking 10.  So amazing. 


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