Sunday, February 3, 2013

Weigh In

159.4 lbs
+1.2 lbs from last week
44.9 lbs total loss

Totally saw that coming. Didn't work out one lick. I still cannot believe how easily I put on weight. No wonder I got as big as I did.

I have a plan for this week, get back in the gym. I have 11 days left on my one month membership at Golds, I really need to make it count. I need to get these pounds down. For now with physical therapy I am only go backwards on the treadmill or elliptical to strengthen the opposing muscles.

My food intake needs an overhaul too. I have been super irresponsible eating this week. I haven't been over eating or even indulging, I've been under eating which can be even worse. When your body doesn't get the calories it needs it stores the ones it does get, as far as it's concerned you're starving. When things get wacky for me I don't eat, I spend more time focusing on other things. It's a super bad habit I've had since high school. For example, when I'm not working for a whole I stop eating a lot. All of a sudden it's like I think I could save money by eating less, as if any one would let me starve. I never said the shit that goes on in my head makes any sense. Though it was a pain and a lot of work, it worked really well when I had a calorie intake I was trying to hit.

Today I had a cool experience. I went to a warehouse sale for Lululemon. They have some pretty cool stuff but it is very out of my price range so I thought this sale would be a rare opportunity. Last minute I hopped in the car with a girlfriend of mine and we zoomed off to Nassau Coliseum to the sale. We were inside for about an hour and both got some cute stuff. I got two pairs of shorts and a light jacket, I'll post pics tonight or tomorrow. Very cool.

Currently N and I are on the train heading to a Super Bowl party at our friends place in Astoria [Queens.] I don't usually do Super Bowl parties as I don't watch, follow or care for football. But these are good friends so the cause for the party is irrelevant. I packed a ton of clementines and 2 veggie burgers so I don't go too crazy on snacks.

That's all for now. Hope you are all having a great weekend!


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  1. Undereating...that's me. And you're can be worse (or at least AS bad) as overeating!

    We know what to do so let's do it-right(?). Enjoy the game!