Saturday, March 16, 2013

I kinda lost my shit...

By this time last year I was already down the shore.  After my appointment with the doctor Mo and I drove down to to Sz's place to spend the weekend, N would join us later in the evening.  It was in the closet at Sz's house that I first got on the scale.  It's funny to look back to that time and think that I hadn't been weighed at the docs office but even more, that I was all set to loose weight and get healthy and I had absolutely no idea what the hard facts were.  I had no idea how much I weighed.  The last time I had been on a scale I was creeping up to 200, I believe I was at 190ish.  Other then that I really had no concept of what I weighed.  

204.3 lbs.  At only 4'11" tall, I was packing a mighty punch.  Yikes.  Dude, I kinda lost it when I saw that number.  My BMI was 41.3 making me Morbidly Obese. 

Morbid [adj]1. Characterized by or appealing to an abnormal and unhealthy interest in disturbing and unpleasant subjects, especially death and disease. 2) Of the nature of or indicative of disease.  
Obese [adj] Grossly fat or overweight.
157.6 lbs is where I stand as of my latest weigh in (which may be different by morning.)  That brings m down to a BMI of 31.8.  No longer morbid, but still obese.  About 7 lbs to go before I am out of obese and into overweight.  Overweight is a good place to be.  There are significantly less health risks inside of overweight.  


On a separate note, tomorrow I am have a meeting at the NYSC with a trainer.  It's the free meeting I get with my guest membership (which expires in one week.)  I have considered canceling as there is only a week left.  But one hour with a train could be amazing considering I have been so lost since I hurt my knee and a trainer could maybe teach me what to and how to use the stuff that would benefit the work I am looking to do (back of leg, core and upper body.)

I can feel myself fading.  Shower and bed time :)

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