Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Woo!  Full day of work today and boy am I wiped out.
 I did not work out today.  I stood and moved around a ton at work and then after I left work I got to the train station only to fing that there were no downtown trains running on that line so I huffed it downtown to Columbus Circle to catch a train.  So instead of my usual 4 block walk to the train it was more like 16.  Totally awesome.

My throat is killing me.  I think it's combo talking for 12 hours, almost straight, today and PAX Pox.  Yes, PAX Pox.  It's the sick that you get after going to PAX, really after any convention that host 30,000+ people a day.  It really doesn't matter how much you wash your hands and cover your face.  Board games, card game, video games...  yea, everything gets touched and it's fucking icky.  lol.  I've had a mild case of PAX Pox every year since we've gone so I'm not too worried.

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