Sunday, March 10, 2013

Weigh in - Day 362

157.6 lbs
-1 lb from last week
-46.7 total loss

Not gonna lie, that was super unexpected.  I was really sure that I was going to go up another 2 lbs.  I am presently surprised.  I've had higher energy as the week has gone on and started to feel less like a schmuck over last weeks weigh in.  As things become more active at work I feel better.

So I haven't written since last week and I'm not going to write too much tonight.  Mentally it was rough.  Nothing happened in reality.  This coming week I'm getting an MRI done on my knee.  Nothing to be concerned about.  Turk wants to make sure he can give me the 100% all clear.  He's really thrilled with my progress and just wants to check in on why my knee is still swelling.  I cannot believe I am going to be able to start training again soon.  I know I have to take it easy for a while but the prospect of it really has me feeling good.  


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