Sunday, March 3, 2013

Weigh In

158.6 lbs.
+2 lbs from last week
-45.7 lbs total loss

Two pounds up. I didn't see that one coming, I really didn't. That really has me think the days that I worked out counted for nothing and I am getting really defeated. I now know that I won't be a full 50 pounds down by March 13th. That would require a close to 5 pound loss in 10 days.

I don't really know what else to say. I'd found a breakfast I thought that was making a difference in how many calories I took in in a day and really kept me fuller longer. The other thing that keeps creeping up in my mind is how early I was up today. Sometimes when I weigh in really early my weight is off by 2 to 4 lbs then when I weigh in the same day about 3 hours later after having gone back to bed for a while.

I feel like anything else I might say would be complaining and whining or excuses so I am going to wrap this up.

1 comment:

  1. Don't fret. You never know what's up with your body. It could be holding water for reasons you don't even know: muscle strain, too much salt, cold coming on, etc. I hope that you find that two pounds, and then some, gone soon!