Friday, March 15, 2013

what dr. kaufman said...


That's what Dr. Kaufman said.  That if I did nothing and continued to live my life the way I had, that I would end up being diabetic.  I was going to give myself a fucking disease.  No way was I going to let that happen.  And I didn't.  I stil cannot believe that those words had the impact on me that they did.  I really thought I was one of those people that it would just roll off off my back but it was a no kidding wake up call.  

I had hoped to have  one year check up by now but at the last minute the appointment had to be rescheduled so I will be going to the doc next week.  My blood has already been drawn and sent over.  I really don't know what it will be like.  I know that when I had a 3 month check up that my blood sugar was already on it's way down so I can only hope that I stayed with the trend.  

I'm really looking forward to whatever he may have to offer me.  And it just occurred to me that he may not know that I'm a vegetarian, I need to remember to tell him that.  Anything that my blood may tell him that he can relay to me as a better way to take care of myself.  

Today was really the day.  One year ago today something turned on or turned off in my brain and I started to make a plan.  A loose plan based more on getting me out of the woods then really getting to any greater goal.  In just one moment, my life changed and holy shit has it been one hell of a ride.  

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