Wednesday, April 24, 2013


No work out today. My back feels 90% better. I hung out this morning and kept a heat pack on it to be safe. At 1 I got a great hair cut by a friend that is going though training at a fancy salon in the city. It's super cute! I'm going to let everyone at work know that she will need models a lot over the next few months. If any of you are in or close to the city I can put you in touch with her too. She's going to need all hair types and styles so if you're in the market for a $98 hair cut but only want to pay $20 I have the lady for you. I also let her know that I would be open to being a hair color model and she got me hooked up with their downtown salon where I will be doing just that tomorrow! Here's my new do and tomorrow I'll post the new color!

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