Thursday, April 18, 2013

day 401

Tuesday I did a Tae Bo video.  Remember those?? I did the abs video which was a good choice all around.  It was challenging and not too much leg stuff.  Yesterday was an off day.  Today I plan on running in the evening.  My knee is feeling ok.  I have been doing inversions at night for about 3 minutes and that really seems to be doing good.  I texted Turk yesterday to let him know how I was doing.  I've been keeping him posted, if the swelling keeps up through next week he wants me to see and orthopedic colleague of his for a 2nd opinion.  Here's to the swelling going down.  

All is good other wise.  Last night I pulled one of my famous stay-up-until-2am-to-finish-a-book routines.  I devour Young Adult fiction and I am not afraid to admit it.  ;)

I've also been wearing shorts.  I will will Spring into existence with my pink plaid shorts! Just you watch me!!


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