Tuesday, April 16, 2013

On Monday

Monday ended up being a 2nd rest day since the swelling in my leg was still pretty significant.
 I worked yesterday so I was on my feet moving and grooving for a few hours which was good.  I did minimal stretches but did inversions for a while and they seem to have made a big difference.  At first was doing them on my own but that got tiring so I laid on my bed, hips propped up by a pillow and had my legs up the wall for a few minutes.  It was great to have blood move in the other direction for even a little bit.  Today my knee feels worlds different.  It feels significantly less full and looks a little less puffy so I will call that a win.

I have off today so we shall see what excercise adventure I get into today.  My only other plans are to finish my book and continue working on a blanket that I'm crocting.  It's the good life.  


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