Sunday, April 14, 2013


Whoa!  Today was awesome!
You know why?  Because all day I knew that at the end of the day I was going to run!!  So incredible.  I started from scratch with the Couch to 5k program.  I did 2.41 miles.  Ahhh!  After I got home I iced my knee up since it was HUGE, but no pain.  I wouldn't even say it was sore, just that I can feel it.  Does that make sense   There is a TON of fluid around the joint but Turk says I'm good, so I'm good.  I cannot even tell you how good it felt to get back to it!

     This afternoon I had a happy surprise from a friend I haven't seen in like 3 years.  She and I were on tour together the 1st time I did JBJ.  She ran in to see me at work since she just moved into the neighborhood and saw that I was at work while she was walking by.  Too cool.  It was really great to see her and to have a quick catch up session.  She's been an inspiration for numerous reasons.  #1 She's a runner and all runners inspire me. She's who I know that ran the Disney Princess Half Marathon which is a big goal of mine. #2 She keeps and incredible blog which you totally should check out.  Instead of making 1 New Year's resolution she knew she'd only keep up with for a month she decided to take on giving one thing up for one month every month.  So far this year she has given up eating out, TV, meat and this month is sugar.  Go check her out and send her some love at Lauren's Year Without.

     Tomorrow will be a cardio rest day for me.  I will definitely be doing my PT exercises and maybe do some yoga but that's all.  YAY!  So freaking awesome to be back in action!


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  1. Catching up on your posts and so excited to see a shout-out! I was going to comment on this post anyway to tell you I love your colorful running gear. That is honestly half of what motivates me to run - colorful happy gear. :) So glad you got to get out there again and so glad I ran into you! We shall do it again soon!