Monday, April 15, 2013

Weigh In

154.4 lbs
-1 lb from last week
-49.9 lbs total loss

     Too funny that that one pound went away again.  Don't get me wrong I totally love it.  I sit again on the cusp of the 50 lb mark.  Now that I am in phase two of my recovery process I am really looking forward to finally diving over that line.  

     Today I did have every intention of hitting a yoga class but when it came time to get out of bed I was having none of it.  I did a round of my PT exercises and threw in a few extra stretches and a shoulder stand for good measure.  

     N and I made the 2 mile walk out to DUMBO (with a quick stop at our favorite juice place) for our first visit to Smorgusburg.  Oh man it was awesome.  This week we sampled the fare from Asia Dog: N had 2 organic beef dogs, one The Mash and one Sidney & I have 2 veggie dogs, one Sidney and one Mel & Steve.  For dessert we had vegan ice cream from Alchemy Creamery, we shared Fixation (dark chocolate chai) and Soft Champagne (cranberry & white grape.)  Delicious! 

     It was a good Sunday all around.  Tomorrow it a work out day.  I am thinking either 30 Day Shred or Biggest Loser video.

     I had a friend tell me today that I inspired him and that he was going to get back into working out himself after a small break that he's taken.  Even if he doesn't do it, it really is awesome to hear.


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