Friday, May 10, 2013


300 ab workouts
30 day challenge
1st day
I had been searching for a 30 day challenge to jump start myself.  Sometime to really dive back into and after much searching I have found one.  It's a workout that's 300 reps of different abdominal workouts for 30 days.  It took me 27 minutes to complete it today.   Tomorrow I am going to be so sore.  I am already so incredibly wobbly.  I may pair this with doing some plank work to build up my time on that.  The thing I am following is based on p90x's ab ripper, here is the link to the site I got the info from.  I had to do some modifications.  I think I did well for my first time, but when shit really gets hard is when you are already sore and want to die.  

I took pics and measurements too to see if there is a change over the 30 days.  38" around about 1" above my belly button (natural waist ish area)  and 41 3/4" around about 1" below my belly button (stomach ish area, lol!)

This also marks another NSV for me.  Ladies and gentlemen  I introduce you to my abdomen  my stomach, my fat, my mid-section, my body, my me.  You know what's so great about these pictures?  No flaws!  My body is flawless.  


In the background you can see some of the decorations from our Star Wars party are still up, and when I say some, I mean all.  

Some more great things about these photos.  A hand me over sports bra that's perfect for no impact work outs - Lululemon shorts from the warehouse sale they had on long island - the jawbone up on my wrist that has been an awesome tool in tracking my daily activity and sleep - freshly painted nails - lovely blonde hair that may be lavender soon - starting to be able to see the tattoo on my right side [it's an awful awful tattoo picked from the wall done poorly in Wilkes Barre, Pa that was how I found out I was allergic to bacitracin, that Big Mama T helped me take care of that I wouldn't trade for the world because it is the exact perfect representation of the hot mess I was as a college freshman] - my stomach is exposed and I did not explode, die or other wise melt and fade into oblivion.  

This really might not work for some people.  They may be thinking "she's still kinda fat" or "let's not get ahead of ourselves, it's no bikini body" and all I can do for those people is feel bad for them.  Body issues are an awful ugly thing that spill from ourselves on to those around us.  Some how it's ok to show a woman with a totally slim body top in a bikini or sports bra and shorts all over the place but some one built like me may be called "gross" or told to cover up because I was embarrassing myself or those that had seen the photo.  Crazy right?  I now actually hope I never get to the point where my body looks stereo-typically bikini perfect.  I don't want to buy in to that anymore.  What I want is to look incredible in my own skin, be happy and confident with myself.  I love my body.  Save for the fact that I was born with it, I've worked hard on it.  I made myself unhealthy and have earned every inch and every pound lost along the way.  

The more I loose [or don't] or the longer I am in this conversation of getting healthy and fit, the more I learn and discover about myself and it's so incredible.  Did you know that I'm beautiful?  I didn't, but I do now.  Did you know that I am creative, kind, loud, excitable, angry all time, love cheesy pop music and electronica?  Did you know that I love to read and be outside and hate being cold unless I am in bed?  Did you know that I am a giant nerd and a philosopher and love to dye my hair and be quiet when others are loud?  My interests change so fast and pick things up quickly but once I learn something I don't want to do it anymore, I'd rather learn something else.  I'm a mess and an inspiration.  I love it.  

It has so little to do with the way your body looks and everything to do with what you choose to do with it.  

I'll leave you with my favorite quote from what is now one of my favorite books, The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky. 

"We are all infinite"



  1. LOVE this, DB! :) I am so tempted to try that 30 day challenge too! But also, I think you may have been one of the many people who posted this on FB -

    How To Get A Bikini Body: Put on a Bikini

    There is no such thing as a bikini body. Just women daring enough to wear them. I don't look like Giselle but I'll be damned if I cover up my tummy all summer!

    Your body rocks. What's amazing is that you are HEALTHY and STRONG. That is an awesome bod. I think you are totally rocking for embracing THAT.

    1. I love that bikini body quote SO MUCH. It really made a difference for me. Thanks so much for your awesome comment and your amazing support!

  2. I think you are wonderful Deebs! I think your body is amazing. And I think so because you think so! I am so glad and proud of you! Good luck on your challenge. I am starting one as well! We shall see what happens! I love you and miss you! Muah!