Sunday, May 12, 2013


I made it through the 2nd day of my ab challenge.  
300 reps for 30 days.  It was funny this morning I was like, holyohmygoshwow, I'm really not that sore!  I mean I could totally feel the work I did but I wasn't doubled over or anything.  

As the day went on I could feel it more.  I was at work today from 9:30a-2:30p standing the whole time, so I felt good.  After N and I grocery shopped I just kinda sat down to do some planning for our up coming Iceland trip (90 days!) when I got back up after typing for a while, I could feel it.  

Today I asked N to help me out.  He helped me count, hold my legs when I needed it and encouraged me.  We turned on my Pandora Pop Fitness station and I completed the work out in 27 minutes, same as yesterday! Yay!

After I was done and did some reverse stretches I was feeling tough so I did a plan for 60 seconds!  

Go team Saturday night!


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