Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Today I am blogging from the floor in my living room on my iPad.
Oh the wonders of technology. This was the first day of the challenge that I had a very I don't wanna attitude. What I've learned in the past year is that those are the days you need to push the hardest. I did 2 of the sets out of order today to work on my form. I did my 25 scissors and 25 leg climbers first to see if being less fatigued helped at all. It did a little. Right now it isn't even my ab strength that is holding me back, it's my hamstrings. They are crazy weak and not very stretchy, I should investigate a 30 day hamstring challenge.  Anywho, in made it through in about 19 minutes. 

Today I really kinda beat myself up because I wasn't sore. Doesn't that sound silly?  I know that I worked my tail off yesterday but I thought I might have been cutting corners, not supporting myself correctly or something because really I wasn't sore at all. I dunno.  

My knee hurt a lot today. I think the doc manipulated it a ton in all the right places. The shoes that I wore today weren't the most supportive ones that I own so I am sure that also had something to with it. 

Ok.  Gotta go. Bed time!

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