Thursday, May 16, 2013


Has it seriously only been 6 days?! Ugh!
Got my reps in late tonight, but got them all.  18 minutes, very awesome.  I only got in 10 seconds of plank today.  My body was having none of it.  I did 60 yesterday, I think I may have forgotten to say that.

I started to feel a little unwell about an hour ago.  Nothing is sore or achy or really anything specific.  Just not right. Does that make sense?  I guess it doesn't matter, that's just how I feel.  

Tomorrow I start a new seminar with a sexy title: Sex & Intimacy.  It's a 10 session seminar spread out over the course of the summer, if you click the link it'll give you the run down and don't worry, it's totally ok to read at work or in mixed company.  I'm really excited to see what there is to learn.  Intimacy is an area that I  have struggled with forever, being close and intimate with others freaks me the hell out.  I get terrified of hurting people and letting them and on the flip side create ridiculous expectations of others and find myself getting hurt over and over again when they cannot be met or maintained.  I've done lots of work with Landmark and am excited to learn some new tools that can really help my marriage, my friendships and my life in general.  There will be an opportunity at some point to have guests come and learn about the education as a whole, if you are interested in checking it out, let me know and I can give you the details.


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