Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Still in a mood.  I had train troubles in the morning and was late to work.  I hate that, I hate being late places.  I relaxed for a bit after work and some friends came over for dinner and gaming.  My knee is still weird so I didn't work out.  Did a few crunches and some plank (26.6 seconds.) I was super bummed at my short time for plank but I am really starting from scratch if what I am doing can even be called starting.

I know posts have been short, jaunty and whiney but I want to work on building the habit of posting again and also just posting what ever is there for me, not what I think I should say.  


  1. Don't worry about it girly... sometimes getting back into the swing of things is the worrrssstttt part (because usually you have 5 or 6 'back into it' false starts before it actually sticks). You'll get there.

    1. Thanks lady, I really needed that. xoxo