Monday, May 13, 2013

Doc Visit & 300.30.4

Today I went to see Dr. Lubliner, a highly regarded and respected Orthopedist here in NYC.  
Turk recommended him to me so I wasn't going to pass.  After having been hurt since December and gone though 6 weeks of Physical Therapy and still experiencing pain and swelling I've sort of come to my wits end.  Dr. L helped me get a better understanding of what's going on with me.  

1st:  I'm fine and I do not need surgery.  What I do have is extremely common.  
2nd: I'm have flat feet, something I've always have kind of known but was glad to have a pro tell me out right. 
3rd: I have hyper mobile patellas (knee caps.)  I had no idea that I did, or that was even a thing, I thought everyone's knee caps wiggled the way that mine do.  
4th: Due to the previous 2 statements, if I want to continue to run I must get orthotics for my shoes for when I run.  I need them to line me up correctly.  
5th: The pain and swelling I am experiencing is due to the whole not being lined up well thing.  

You would think that Upon leaving that doc appointment that I would be thrilled.  My "prescription" was to get orthotics to run and build up quad strength.  I felt totally defeated and couldn't really pin point why.  I feel like since I have started running all I've heard is that it's bad for you, that I should switch to something else.  Even when I posted the info from the visit on FB, some one commented that I should take up biking or swimming.  No.  I love to run.  It makes me so unbelievably happy.  And I don't know why but I felt like today was really like being told not to run even thought that was by no means the case.  I thought "Oh my god, I'll never run a marathon."  I just sobbed out side of the docs office and even after talking with Mo and with N I wasn't consoled.  I was texting with Turk and he was happy to hear the results, said that it's all manageable and that he'd check with my insurance to see if they would cover even a small part of the orthotics.  I was so sad at how much money it's cost to take care of myself now that I am taking care of myself.  Turk came back at me with "It's expensive to run a high-performance vehicle."  While I couldn't hear it at the time, those as some wise fucking words, so thank you for that dude.  

At home N and I popped the CD I had been given with my MRIs on it into our computer and were thrilled and awed by looking thought the images.  They are so freaking cool.  We played around with the images and googled all of the words in the MRI report.  If I can figure it out I will try to post an image on here, thought I have no idea how.  We scrolled thought the cross sections of my knee from side to side and also from the top down.  Really incredible.  All that info from me taking a nap in a open MRI machine.  

Today N helped me modify my 300 reps.  I am no longer doing the Sit up V Ups so we added 5 reps to 5 other workouts so that it still worked out to 300 reps total.  It made all the difference.  I was so incapable of doing the Sit Up V Ups that I was flailing and not doing any good.  By cutting them out I managed to also cut a ton of time out of the overall work out.  Today I was done in 17 minutes.  After I did some stretching and another 60 seconds of plank.

Tomorrow before work I am going to work on my form for the scissors kicks and leg climbers because I don't seem to have it down.  I'll see if I can support myself more for the scissors and as far as the leg climbers I think I just need to see someone else do them in order to get the form down, I'll check in with YouTube for that.  

My knee is kinda cranky now.  The doc manipulated it in all the ways it hates but, of course, it was not swollen while I was there.  I am trying to get over also that now I am someone who has "a bad knee" that the incy wincy almost not there stretch or tear or what ever it is in my knee is something that doesn't heal but at the same time doesn't get any worse.  It's just always going to swell and it's probably always going to hurt a little and there isn't much that can be done about that save to strengthen around it to take the pressure off of it.  

I do have to say though, I'm glad that I might *might* be able to put Insanity back on the table.  


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