Tuesday, May 7, 2013

late monday/early tuesday

N and I went jogging tonight.  It was great.
I got a stitch which wasn't so hot but I dealt with it.  Didn't follow the couch to 5k at all tonight, just jogged and walked and jogged and walked.  Iced my knee as soon as I got back.  Feels a little tight, looks a little puffy.  Nothing new.

It felt good to get home from work, have a quick snack then just head out for a run.  

Since I wasn't going to follow the prescribed plan of couch to 5k I used a different app.  Let's just say that the GPS tracking was less than accurate.  As you can see below I ran thought some people's apartments, flew a few blocs and often darted back and forth across the street.  It was a hoot.  

 We had a good time.  That's what was the importnat part.  

It was nice thought to not think about how far there was left to go and to just go with the flow but at the same time when I would start to walk I would feel like a bum and when ever I started to run again I was like oh man I've been walking to long, gotta run.  The prescribed plan has it's pros and cons.  


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