Sunday, May 19, 2013

whirlwind weekend

Yikes!  It's so late, but I didn't want to go a 2nd day without posting.
 This weekend, 2 dear friends were married and I got very caught up in getting ready for the day, including needing to finishing making their gift.  I love it and hope they will too but I don't want to post a photo of it until I know that they've seen it.  

Anyway, I've been chugging along in my 30 day abs challenge.  I even got my work out in between the wedding and the after party when N and I came home to nap and change.  I've gotten the routine down to about 16ish minutes so I am going to add in something else soon to bring up the time.  

I ate like crud all day today and I'm totally paying for it.  All of the food at the wedding was so delious and there were 3 desserts. 3.  There were macaroons (thank god they were just on a plate with enough for us each to have one) then there was sorbet and strawberries (little scoops of mango, raspberry and coconut) and of course, cake.  So good.  I didn't eat a ton, it's just that I really don't eat like that any more so it threw off my insides.  I have been drinking water like a madwoman to flush my system but will probably pay in the end at weigh in tomorrow morning.

N and I were really super honored at the wedding because we got to sit at the table with the bride and groom.  They put together a table that was all their married friends (one couple was engaged) and that's the tabel they sat at as well.  Granted they weren't at the table very often, but I was super touched to be placed at that table.  Everything about the wedding was so beautiful.  They are both big gamers and it was a them though out the wedding.  In place of table names/numbers they were silouettes of different game characters.  We sat at the Link table (from Legend of Zelda) and the music that the bridal party entered to was the Legend of Zelda theme song.  ::i die::  

After the reception was done everyone parted to take naps and refresh.  The ceremony was at 11:30am so we were out of the reception around 5pm.  We headed back to another friends place for food and games and relaxed hanging out time with the bride and groom who leave for their honeymoon on Monday.  Two weeks in Japan!  So awesome.  

Ok, must sleep.  Here is a pic of N and I and the lovely bride and groom.

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